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Record Sealing in Nevada
Mistakes from your past don’t have to destroy your future.

Most misdemeanors, DUI's and even felonies can be sealed after meeting minimum requirements and waiting periods. The result is a clean criminal background check for employers, and even law enforcement.

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Congratulations! By coming to this website you are taking the first steps towards your new future. If you didn't get that job you applied for because of your background, it's time to seal your record and leave the past behind you where it belongs. Even if your charges were dismissed or denied, the information surrounding your arrest are still on your record.

Details of your arrest record or criminal charges stay on your criminal history forever until you seal it. Unfortunately, as people with Nevada criminal records look for jobs, try to gain admission to college or universities, seek loans, or even try to find housing, they are continuously hindered by their Nevada criminal records relating to their arrest or conviction. Call record sealing Attorney Bret Whipple to end all the nonsense. Call today at 702-731-0000

Why is it Important to Seal Your Nevada Criminal Record?

Many people who have been arrested or convicted of crimes in Nevada find that when their sentence or probation ends, it does not mark the end of the tragedy of having a criminal record or an arrest record.  In many cases, your criminal history is available to the public and sometimes information about your criminal past can be found on the Internet for all to see. With the help of a skilled record sealing attorney guiding you through the record sealing maze, your criminal history can be sealed from prying eyes, employers, background checks - and even the police. The police routinely pull people over based upon what's on their SCOPE or criminal history. For example, If you were arrested or convicted of a DUI, a police officer may look for any reason to pull you over just because he suspects you might be driving drunk because that's what your arrest record shows.

Sealing Records in Nevada

Fortunately, there is help for those being haunted by their records. The good news is that once your Nevada record is sealed, you gain the legal right per the Nevada Record Sealing Statutes to deny that you were arrested, charged, or convicted of any crime. You will finally be able to answer "no" on your job application when it comes to asking about your past.  Sealing your record can also help you restore your gun rights and the right to purchase firearms. 

If you meet the statutory waiting period to seal your Nevada record, don't wait another day. Call Nevada record sealing attorney Bret Whipple at 702-731-0000 today. 

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Sealing a Nevada Record

Record sealing is a process that prevents the general public from reviewing court records of criminal cases. Record sealing in Nevada is different from record expungement in Nevada in that expunging a record means that the record is destroyed. In Nevada, the record is sealed and not completely destroyed. A record can become unsealed, but only through a court proceeding and only in certain circumstances. As far as the public goes – and for that matter, background checks – no one will have access to your sealed criminal record.